“I Am Stari-ki”

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Volume 5, Issue 18

Part 42 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. They are now well into their new life, around 40,000 BC in the mountains of northwestern Spain.

In the previous episode, the carnage had escalated between the warring tribes. Melchizedek and Layla, as Blu and Ska, defended the tribe as best they could, but the enemy had encircled them. The fight of their lives ensued and Blu and Ska became killing machines, with no time to think, just to react. Overwhelmed with grief at what they were doing, our Agents escaped into inner oblivion, surrendering to the brains of Blu and Ska and continuing the butchery without remorse. Earlier episodes.

The mountains in northern Spain where our story takes place

A momentary lull in the fighting seemed to be caused by something Blu and Ska could not see, over the lip of the escarpment ahead from which the endless stream of enemy soldiers flowed. They heard a powerful voice shouting and could see the enemy fall back out of range of their battleaxes, turning their attention to what was coming up behind them. Blu and Ska had a minute to catch their breaths and steal a glance at each other. They noted that the man on the ground behind them had died. Only now did Blu realize it was Ja, the slave they had saved from Ya-hay. This brought a flood of mixed memories, feelings, and ideas which he had no time for, although they could have led him back to his true nature as Melchizedek.

They shared grim looks and turned quickly back to the direction of threat. Suddenly they saw a man even larger than them emerge from below, making no effort to lift his huge body, and standing tall to smile imperiously at them. He was adorned with multicolored feathers, body paint, and weapons.

Stariki“I am Stari-ki,” he boomed proudly, as if expecting they had heard of his fame. They got it that this was the enemy King and instantly they both had the same thought of killing him from this distance with thrown rocks, of which there were many of the right size at their feet. Doing so would give the idea to the enemy warriors who would then stone them to death, but at least they would have taken out an enemy King. Stari-ki easily read their thoughts and his smile broadened as he looked over the piles of dead they had created, and thought, What good fodder were these men! He sent a mental bolt to stun Blu and Ska slightly before they could put their plan into action, and then he began his performance.

“Idiots!” he yelled at his own men, picking up a rock of the right size and tossing it up and catching it in one hand. “Have I taught you nothing?” Blu and Ska came back out of the momentary fog of being stunned and realized that the enemy King must have had the same thought because he already had one rock in his hand, which meant that they were done for. They each picked up several rocks and stood prepared to get the King before they went down forever. But the King stayed their hand by what he said next.

“Hold on there! We’re all on the same side now. I can use good fighters like you. We have a great cause and you can join us in its glory. You don’t have to die now.” Stari-ki read in their minds that they were loyally picturing their own tribe’s King and were conflicted, wondering if it would be honorable to join the winning side. He shouted a command and two of his men scrambled over the cliff edge and disappeared. There was a brief standstill as the enemy and Blu and Ska all waited alertly, ready for the deadly rock-ball game to begin.

Sounds came over the escarpment and then their own King appeared, looking unscathed. He looked at Blu and Ska defensively, as if ashamed and demoted perhaps to their own approximate level in Stari-ki’s army, if they joined it. All of this was in his eyes, in that look.

“See,” said Stari-ki, “we are all one happy family now, boys. Come over to our side and I give you my word you will not be hurt.”

Blu and Ska looked at each other as if to say, what do we have to lose? But each was imagining the torture that might lie ahead.


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Image credits:
Mountains in Northern Spain: photo: Mirror Online

"Stariki" image: Artist Mauro Cutrona

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