Family Life

The Great Being, Part 9
Volume 4, Issue 36

This continues our occasional serial of the story of The Great Being (TGB), the Self of everything. See the earlier installments of The Great Being.

Stop crying, Layla said in his mind.

Melchizedek came to with a start. Again and again he was succumbing and becoming the baby in every way, with no memory of who he really was.

Tyg wants to hurt us, Melchizedek said in her mind. He was hurting me.

I know. I saw it.

Ma and Da didn’t get it, he said, and she nodded in his mind.

Now Da was coming over to make the babies feel better. Ma was holding Tyg who was looking superior. Da’s smiling face and large grinding teeth would have been frightening but for the obvious love it was emanating. He hugged and roughed up both babies together joyfully and gently and made murmuring noises.

When not taken over by their respective brains, the two began putting the plan into operation. They knew from long experience that they could only go so far. They wanted to gain influence if not leadership as soon as possible but if they rushed the process they would be killed or set back.

The first trick worked well enough — crawling, exploring, appearing to observe, and making eye contact. They phased these miracles in slowly over a matter of the first few days of life. Ma, Da, and even Tyg was of course flabbergasted but at the same time very proud. They loved when the other members of the clan found out about it and were brought to see the performing seals, as they called themselves.


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