Earthquakes and Floods

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 16

Part 87 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

destruction of Atlantis “The island Atlantis itself was quickly razed to a submerged mound of rubble.”

Thousands of Rebel warships coordinated their bombardment of Atlantis on a single point, the capstone, hoping by doing so to break through the immensely powerful shields of energy protecting the vessel and its city-state within.

The combining streams of destructive radiation pouring down in a single ray became diffused due to the slight errors in calculation by computers aboard the attacking craft. Destruction rained down as far away as Morocco and Gibraltar, where the shoreline appeared to the soldiers massed upon it to be cracking apart as in a natural earthquake, while the ocean flooded in with tsunami-size waves. Thousands of soldiers were killed, while most ran away and trekked to their homelands, giving up the fight. Only the Hellenes were left. The Rebels in space noticed this but since they had not given the human ground forces much chance of being helpful, it didn’t occupy their minds for long. Win some, lose some.

Out at sea the waves grew mightily, roiled by the fast heavy particles from space. Many of the attacking boats returned to Morocco and Gibraltar or sank, with hundreds of men lost. Atlantis transported thousands of men who would have otherwise drowned, and cared for them aboard the vessel. Atlantis was also able to save some, a muddy lot, from the disaster-ridden shoreline across the way.

Meanwhile Atlantis itself was unhurt by the torrent of energy, which slid down the sides and shot off in all directions, adding more damage to the army remnants and the populations on the two continents to the East.

Knowing that it would be safer for the planet and its inhabitants to leave, Atlantis suddenly shot up in the sky and into space. As soon as the rays were cut off, without Atlantis there to protect her, the island itself was quickly razed to a submerged mound of rubble.

Atlantis would have abandoned the area entirely at this point, except that option was cut off by Perse himself.


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Image credit: Atlantis Online

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