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Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 4

Part 75 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.
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The latest revelation sobered the Agents into opening their minds to the possibility that this was going to be a highly challenging mission, perhaps ending in destruction again. Given their training, they didn’t even bat a bubbleface eyelash.

Atlantis was shaping the ground beneath them using powerful rays so that it would be a perfect socket for the underside of the ship. Finally all was in readiness and the ship began to move again.

There was a sense of rest when the ship settled onto terra firma. Everyone wanted to go out right away but Atlantis asked them to wait for the area to cool off. Unbeknownst to them, while Atlantis was talking with them the ship was also emanating millions of locking clamps into the rock below.

In the manner of a mother talking to her kids, Atlantis asked, Are you going out like that? referring to their bubble bodies. Surely that would scare away any native humans on this planet.

No, Maitreya announced, and he called them around for a conference. I haven’t told you this yet, but we are re-entering the battle zone now about 30,000 years in the future relative to when you four were here last.

That makes sense, Melchizedek opined. Where we were before the natives could never have absorbed seeing our real selves and our technology.

And even now they could not deal with seeing us this way. We are going to be wearing meat bodies in this gig as well, Maitreya said.

What has changed? Templegard asked.

Architecture exists now, and sculpture, cities, trade, advanced spoken language, and the keeping of written records — kind of like tick marks, to count who owes what to whom, Maitreya told them.

Atlantis was now a city

Layla asked, What happened to the cave art that Melchizedek started?

It’s not just in caves any more, and the superstitious idolatry with which the natives reacted back then has morphed into a sophisticated understanding that the map is not the territory. They know what a symbol means, Maitreya said.

What a change! Neva remarked. What are our orders, sir?

Call me Father, Maitreya said. You will play the role of my daughter Eve. Templegard will be your husband, he’ll be called Adam. You’ll have children, demonstrate the level at which people can live as an example for our guests, help make visitors comfortable and teach them what reality is while they are here, so they can go out and become useful to the leaders — and/or then become the leaders — in their homelands.

He turned to Melchizedek and Layla. You two will go out and bring back visitors. People already close to the top in each advanced society. While you are with them you will as gently as you can start the process of explaining to them the real truth about things. I’ll take the lead on that back here on Atlantis.

I assume they have to want to come voluntarily? Melchizedek guessed, and Maitreya nodded his bubblehead, grinning.

Before we change into meat bodies, please take one invisible spin around outside and get the lay of the land. When you come back we’ll have the set dressed and that’s when you can change, Maitreya ordered. Also be prepared: by the time you get back, the extras will have arrived. That made them curious.

They eagerly flew out through the walls of Atlantis, tickling the ship who giggled in a very feminine manner.

Eve, as she now thought of herself, getting into her role, got up to altitude to be able to put it all into perspective, and slowly circled the island. What she saw delighted her. In the center of the widest part of the island now sat a glowing crystal pyramidal diamond, and all around it were lush forests meeting up with gorgeous beaches. From where she was in the air she could see the great rock later to be called Gibraltar, and the continents off to the East, not far. Off to the seaward side away from the mainland, the island had a tail that looked like a vast grassy plain, again ending everywhere in lush beaches.

Adam appeared at her side and energy-hugged her. Isn’t it beautiful? He asked in a husky voice, and their bubbles melted together in midair. Looking down with her again moments later, he added, Tough duty. Well, somebody’s got to do it.

Melchizedek and Layla were similarly enjoying the view and each other and were first to return to the ship. But it was no longer a ship: Atlantis was now a city, a pyramidal city in a single building over a mile high, open to the air at every level with terraces and individual neighborhoods in different colors and styles, with different sorts of trees everywhere. Birds were ubiquitous, flying through the many open spaces on the surface of what had been a sealed warship, a profusion of gulls and a host of other colorful species covering the building like fast-moving and swirling clouds. There also appeared to be millions of people living there.


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Image credit: Records of the Soul

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