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Volume 5, Issue 24

Part 47 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. As Blu and Ska, they are now well into their new life, around 40,000 BC in the mountains of northwestern Spain. At this point of the story, our Agents are no longer conscious of their true identities; the new brain has taken over their souls — for now. Previous episodes.

In the last episode, Blu and Ska learn of Stari-ki’s secret mission and their role in it. When Stari-ki tells them of his plan to take over the entire world with a large army he is amassing, Blu and Ska feel grateful to be in on such a grandiose plan, and grateful for Stari-ki’s leadership. Exactly where Stari-ki wanted them before he revealed they would be joining him in his mission. Suddenly, not knowing why, Blu was compelled to show Stari-ki something that would help with the new mission.

Blu took a stout stick and dipped it in a campfire as they passed. The builder of the campfire looked up respectfully as Stari-ki, Blu and Ska nodded their thanks and continued walking. The sun was coming up, so this meant they would be heading into a cave, Stari-ki reasoned.

After a short walk Blu led the way into the cave, shielding the paintings from view with his body as he had done so many times before.

Stari-ki had no idea what they were going to show him in the cave. Perhaps they had discovered a bright shiny rock — gold — and Stari-ki knew that the plan called for doing something with gold later on, but it would be irrelevant to him now. Yes it must be something like that.

The painting of a charging wild boar that Blu revealed in the cave
The painting of a charging wild boar that Blu revealed in the cave. Read more about Blu’s original revealing trick.

When Blu did his trick of revealing the painting of the charging boar, he expected Stari-ki to have the usual reaction of getting ready to kill the thing. Instead, Stari-ki gasped and smiled and stepped toward it, knowing instantly that it was not a real boar. He moved in closer to inspect the work and put his fingers up to it but did not touch it. “This is remarkable,” he said with great admiration. He turned to them. “You invented it?” he asked and they both nodded sheepishly. “We can definitely use this for training exercises, propaganda brainwashing, interrogation, for many purposes,” he thought excitedly out loud, getting it at once and again impressing Blu and Ska. “You’ve just doubled our chances of building these armies on the seacoast,” he said enthusiastically, slapping them both on the shoulders, and revealing that he was in some doubt of being able to achieve his ambitious mission.

In the shifting shadows of the cave light, Ska asked, “What is this army we are all part of, Stari-ki? Who are we doing this all for, and why do they want it done?” Stari-ki looked at Ska, who was framed by red and yellow ochre strokes on the wall depicting large game, and decided to reveal a bit more than usual when dealing with the natives. “We are the righteous rebels fighting back against a deceitful enemy who has stabbed us in the back for no reason. This war has been going on for a long time and throughout many worlds, not just this one.” Blu and Ska were astounded when he spoke of other worlds, and yet it seemed to remind them both of something. “We are the ones in the right,” Stari-ki reiterated.

Stari-ki noticed something in Blu’s eyes and read his mind quickly. He wants to tell me something.

“Well, what is it? Is there something else you’ve invented?” Stari-ki asked kiddingly.

Blu looked uncomfortable. “Could be nothing. It’s just that when you spoke of other worlds — and rebels — I seemed to remember something — and then it went away.”

Stari-ki’s eyes narrowed. Wait a second – they invent this thing, not something I’d expect from the natives — and then they have some distant memory that a native wouldn’t have — who are these guys?


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