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Volume 5, Issue 1

This continues the story of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us. We are following TGB’s roles as the Team of Melchizedek and Layla, two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, as they continue their assignment to begin the current human race on Earth circa 200,000 BC. Previous installments.

As Melchizedek and Layla aged, the new brains eventually wore them down. Now they started to have long patches of forgetting their real identity as Agents of Cosmic Intelligence. When they woke up from the lower state, sometimes it was to relapse immediately back into it and puzzle over What was that I was thinking just a moment ago… it seems important…

They started forgetting their real identity as Agents of Cosmic Intelligence.
Now they started to have long patches of forgetting their real identity as Agents of Cosmic Intelligence.

This happened very gradually, like boiling a frog. It started with how much love they wanted to give to their children, mates and the other tribespeople. That love was so intense its price was attachment, the state in which one can no longer be happy if the loved one is not happy or is no longer interested in you. These lingering heartbreaking incidents were as rife in 200,000 BC as they are to this day.

As cosmic beings they had never sunk down to these attached states. They could maintain their intense love along with and by means of detachment. Only cosmic beings (the created beings climbing closest in evolutionary development to The Original Self) can pull off this trick, having had lifetimes to practice.

This was how they began to lose contact with their own true identities. Sometimes in schizoid inner conversations they would get angry at their higher selves for their detachment. How can you be so cold-blooded about your own child? Layla asked Mel once, before they pulled themselves up by their socks and got back temporarily into their true identities.

But no matter how many times they pulled themselves back up, the tide was heading the other way.

Layla was worn out from mothering so many children and becoming stressed out about each of them. This lowered her resistance over time and so when giving birth to her last child she passed on to the bardo plane. Melchizedek would normally have been easily able to stay connected with her. This time he lost contact with her almost immediately, except for brief flashes from time to time.

It was so gradual Melchizedek did not notice himself becoming embittered. Getting old himself and having an aching body contributed to it, but it was mostly the new brain and its dominance over the True Self, the inhabiting tape dub of the Original Consciousness. It seemed unfair that the very brain they were here to propagate was itself working strongly against the Mission.

This made him paranoid. Was there another Team here on Earth working at cross purposes with Melchizedek and Layla? If so, why did he not detect them? If they were not in human bodies, were they in any bodies at all? He should still be able to detect them.

Except that if not hampered by having one of these new brains, another cosmic being would have the advantage over him and Layla. He pathed the message to her to see if she could detect another Team on Earth from her less hampered position. He hoped she received it.

Without words there were now feelings, moods, images and vague thoughts in his mind about The One not having warned them in advance about the conditions they would face. This was so counter to his training that it woke him up for a moment back to his true identity, not just as the stud and head shaman of their little tribe. Gripes against The One were the height of unclarity — since each of us is The One it is senseless to gripe against oneself. Just do something about it. He wondered if some of these most terrible thoughts were being implanted in him by a cosmic being on a different Team.

Eventually he decided that he was being paranoid and gave up looking for another Team. Soon after that, he stopped waking up from his mundane identity. He was just the elder shaman by then, freed of his stud duties to spend most of his time giving advice and settling disputes. One thing kept coming back into his mind at least once a day, as if trying to pull him back into his true self. It was an image of fire. He didn’t know what it meant.

On the day that his body died, at that very instant, he was suddenly in a whoosh aware of his real identity and immediately realized what the fire image was telling him. The savages they found when they arrived were naked, had not domesticated animals, had only rudimentary spoken language, and yet those natives knew how to start, control, and use fire. This was not logical. Fire is a difficult subject. On most planets developing along the normal curve that Earth was roughly on, fire was not discovered until after many other things. But here fire came first. There had to be another Team.


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