Debating PlayAllDay and ThinkAllNight

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 11

Part 82 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Sniike was in the pool with the kids. He imagined that Adam and Eve were making out in the house.

Dirty old man, ThinkAllNight pathed to PlayAllDay, and they both giggled intensely in Sniike’s delighted face.

“Daddy says you believe there were many Gods in the Beginning,” ThinkAllNight said to Sniike, with no particular emotion, just curiosity.

“That’s the way I was brought up,” Sniike explained, “I’m sure that my parents would have told me what they believed was the truth, about such an important subject.”

“But you — you’re not sure which way it all is?” PlayAllDay guessed.

“I don’t really know any more,” Sniike realized, “it could easily be one way as the other. I don’t remember what they taught me in any kind of detail. I know I used to, and then I lost it. My mind once had a sharp clarity but it’s been a long time since I felt that way.”

One God

One God …

Many gods

or many gods

“It’s these brains you know,” ThinkAllNight said, pointing to her own head, which did not contain a human brain since she and her brother were cherubs. Sniike stared at her, not understanding. “The Rebels altered the new human brains so that they are too helpful, they actually take over,” she reported. He looked unsure, like he seemed to remember something about that — it had the ring of truth but he couldn’t say why. A stubborn streak in him said that he would never give up his loyalty to whatever it was. These kind beloved people were his enemies. He lived among his enemies. He did not wish to live in constant enmity and he felt it was the proper role of a spy to pretend to be friendly even if it meant actually being friendly. He walked this razor’s edge and avoided being cut.

“I don’t think it could be as easily one way as the other,” PlayAllDay returned to the conversation. “I can’t explain it, but the idea that there was just one thing in the Beginning seems somehow more logical — more probable — I can’t explain why —”

“And yet,” Sniike waved his arm to indicate the profusion of the world around them, splashing them both and causing them to splash him back lightly and giggle, “all around us we always see multiplicity, and almost never do we apprehend oneness.”

“You did feel it once,” ThinkAllNight said, revealing that Adam and Eve must have told the kids the story about the visit to the capstone and the experience of being one with The One.

“Yes,” Sniike said, “I did feel it, but I have been fooled by illusions before, and the experience could not be recaptured. Sometimes when I take one of my potions it will cause me to hallucinate.”

“There’s another reason I find it hard to believe the rendition your parents taught you,” PlayAllDay said. “If there were always a multiplicity of Gods, how come today all we know about are two Gods, one of which says HeShe is inside all of us, and the other says there’s a multiplicity — but where is everybody else who’s a God? Shouldn’t we be seeing a big free-for-all of Gods, if there are multiple ones?”

“There was a reason for that,” Sniike says, “I wish I could remember it.”


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Image sources:
One God: digital rendering by CKNiver;
Many gods

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