Crossing Bridges, Physical and Mental

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Volume 5, Issue 33

Part 55 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us

We have been following the experiences of two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, Melchizedek and Layla, here on a mission that started in 200,000 BC. To infiltrate the Rebel forces on the planet, they walked into the near-dead bodies of Blu and Ska around 40,000 BC on the coast of northwestern Spain. Taken into the Rebel Stari-ki’s army, they have trekked southward to where they now face the Great Water at Gibraltar. Previous episodes.

The army and the rest of the tribe left their camp and headed down to the water. When they got there, they were shocked and filled with awe when they saw the land bridge that had suddenly and miraculously appeared. But there was no time for celebration. Everyone but a few defenders were urged on to the land bridge and Stari-ki threatened death in order to make sure they kept moving. There was no time to lose with the enemy’s fast approach. Right from the start Stari-ki had begun to wonder what was behind Command purposely setting Rebels at each other’s throats. But there wasn’t much time to ponder that.

“Damn you!” Stari-ki yelled aloud, at no one in particular, more or less at everything. A few more minutes and they would have been in perfect position. But now there were still many of his best men at risk on the beach as the enemy closed in swiftly from all sides. “Fall back to the bridge! Narrow the front!” he bellowed, and his men obeyed, a few hacked down by the sea of enemy forces rolling over them. He pushed Blu and Ska roughly out onto the bridge and followed them quickly. He did not want to risk the three of them, the rest were expendable. Blu and Ska were perturbed at not being able to protect their men but put that aside and prepared to keep the enemy off the bridge, Stari-Ki behind them in reserve.

The defenders on the beach died bravely but all too soon. Within a minute there was a wall of men coming at Blu and Ska and the wall was too wide, not like when they had stood off Stari-ki’s men on a narrow rock bridge months ago. The enemy was not being funneled down as planned so that no more than one or two could attack Blu and Ska, it was more like six, and more were encircling behind them by splashing through the shallow water beside the bridge. This looked pretty bad. A few minutes might have made all the difference.

The Enemy approaches.

Blu killed two men with a single long stroke of his rock sword, and Ska’s mace bounced off one head and into another. Both men were now re-living the horror of the killing machines they had become on the rock bridge, which had been the trauma that caused their true Melchizedek and Layla identities to be repressed along with the guilt of the disgusting event. Ironically this unlocked associations inside that Blu and Ska both sensed as some sort of re-contact with their true selves. Stari-ki was right behind them with his keen powers of mind reading, so both men ignored this revelatory inner feeling and focused on killing.

There were too many of them and coming from too many directions. They could see how this would end. Maybe they would still exist when these bodies were destroyed, and know themselves fully once again. From amidst the mass of men Blu saw Dunnar leap forward but was unable to get his arms in position in time so Dunnar’s rock sword sliced open his cheek before Blu’s arms came around dealing Dunnar a deathblow to the neck. Dunnar fell into the water blocking his men for a moment before the melee became perilous again.

Suddenly from behind, both Blu and Ska were shoved powerfully down by the shoulders, started to resist but then realized it was Stari-ki. Stari-ki was concentrating on widening the arc of his mindburst before he released it. He felt physical pain at stretching the arc and then allowed it to release forward and sideways. He screamed with the pain so that to Blu and Ska it seemed as if his scream itself was what threw down the front ranks of enemy onto their backs dead in the red water. They had not seen the mindburst Stari-ki had released in order to convince Aldus that he should surrender and that Stari-ki was a god. They were amazed but did not have time for it as the next ranks of enemy ran over their dead comrades at the bridge defenders.

Blu and Ska both noticed there was something wrong with Stari-ki. The mindburst had left him spent. He signaled them to carry on the fight. They hoped he was all right and turned back to face the enemy. The bridge was washing slowly away so they stepped backwards a few steps and took the brunt of the onslaught once again. They continued to slowly backstep as they fought. Meanwhile the water became deeper on their flanks making it harder for the enemy to successfully encircle them, and the front narrowed so that only one or two men could attack at once. Finally they were in place and became the killing machines called for in the plan.

Behind them, Stari-ki was feigning being weaker than he was to give him time to process something else. Yes, the strain of the mindburst had been worse than usual this time, and he hoped his power to be able to mindburst would eventually return as it always had before, though it felt as if he had hurt himself inside. A mental hernia?  — he wondered and laughed softly aloud at his own joke. But that was not what was worrying him. He had reached down deeply inside to find all the strength he could muster for that mindburst, so far inside that he had touched a part of himself that he did not know was there. A part that felt alien to him, a part that did not want to hurt anybody. Was that an Agents implant? Was the backstabber himself trying to control his mind? Was there a traitor inside him that had caused him to be surprised by the enemy twice in recent weeks? Was Command fooling around and manipulating him for the sheer fun of it? What was going on?


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