Continuing Problems with These Brains

The Great Being, Part 18
Volume 4, Issue 46

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The story of The Great Being continues, the story of the One Self that we each experience as our own self. TGB inhabits Melchizedek and Layla, two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence who have been born as babies into a Neanderthal family 200,000 BC. Previous installments.

Their first day on the job as members of the witch council, working for the shaman and his priestesses, the babies wowed the crowd with their playlet. GLYP was a changed child from that day on, and adored HAH his adopted mother as much as she worshipped him. The shaman was well pleased that he’d given the babies a chance to help him rather than putting them to death as had been his first thought. Intuitive as he was, he sensed that the super-intelligent babies were beings superior to him, and was not sure if he could continue to use them and control them once they gained the confidence of the tribe. In the end he did what he felt was best for the tribe, even if it meant ceding authority in the end. The shaman was a mensch.

Melchi and Layla thought they had finally overcome their new brains, a solar flare created surgical mutation planned from the start of the Lost Lamb Game (LLG). Lost Lambs, you’ll recall, are the name for TGB incarnations where TGB does not remember that He/She is TGB. A whole region of the multiverse is given over to this sort of game, far wilder than the games played in the main part of the multiverse.

the advanced brainThe new brain plan was to provide enough processing/ attentional power to the inhabiting consciousness so that in time the Lost Lambs could actually wake up and realize their true identities. This had been the idea of the LLG from the start but unfortunately, so far, the inhabiting Soul Of The Universe had not been up to the task on Earth. The generally murderous condition of life here had precluded the Great Spark Of Consciousness (TGB has many names) from ever imagining that he/she could really be in charge, as opposed to being the obvious weak and isolated creature that all senses corroborated all too frequently.

Melchi and Layla had initially simply fallen into a species of sleep, overcome by the new brains, which were overly helpful to a degree that would not be seen again on Earth until Microsoft software more than 200,000 years later. They thought they were little babies and pooped impulsively whenever they felt like it. Then they would wake each other from this identity sleep so as to continue the Mission.

They had conquered this pattern and now were secure in who they were. Or so they thought.


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