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Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 21

Part 92 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

A quart of camel spit about a yard long whipped around and splattered Abram’s face as he came up alongside Lot on his camel Meherah, the front-runner who loved to set the early pace so that none could catch him. God had guided Abram’s hands to bring his camel Ruach up on the left, which was the rail — the way nobody ever tried to pass because the leader could easily slam you against the rail, which could break your left leg. However, this time with God’s help Abram and Ruach managed to pass before Lot could even realize what was happening. If they had gone the other way, both knew that Lot would have whacked Ruach in the face with his switch, which camels do not appreciate.

God was the name Abram used to describe The One Self inhabiting all beings. He heard the word God in his mind long before he was moved from the cave, which is when his human education began. His relatives Noam, Ham and Shem were surprised that Abram seemed to have known in advance so many of the things that they taught him, since Abram had grown up in virtual isolation.

Lot punched Abram in the upper arm as a form of congratulations for having won again. Ruach was actually a female camel and yet Abram won races regularly against the fastest male camels. Abram credited God with guiding them to victory.

“Which god?” people would ask and Abram would just smile. These people thought in terms of endless gods and he did not have the slightest idea as to how he could ever explain it to them. There was only one God. But he seemed to be the only person in the world that knew it.

The boys washed down their steeds and fed them before leaving the great race track of Ur, which they were privileged to use as a family under Nimrod’s personal protection. Nimrod had not made any connection in his mind between the new teenager from Terah’s larger family moved in from the desert, and the infant he thought he killed with his bare hands.

The camels were happy from their exercise. They loved to run, and they found cooperating with humans in a game to be intriguing, at least at this young age. So their step was lively and prancing as they walked slowly back to the shop where Abram would greet and serve customers today.

As they passed the great ziggurat, Abram got that same feeling he always got near the huge pyramid temple, an amazing feeling. He had dreams about mounting these steps to see God at the top. In the dreams, as he got near the top, the bright light from above became unbearable and he had to look away. It was like the sun but much more.

Tower of Babel Ziggurat The Tower of Babel Ziggurat

The ziggurat was so large, as Abram had overheard in the market, that the top stayed dry even in the last Great Flood. The Euphrates and Tigris often flooded together, creating widespread extinctions in those centuries. The last time this had happened was so long ago that nobody actually knew how long ago it was.

The ziggurat was the most amazing piece of architecture in the world at the time, and in its design and construction had been secretly helped a lot by the Rebels. The first name given this particular ziggurat was the Tower of Babel. The One Self had played an amazing game back then, manipulating events so that The Holy Language became obscured by many other tongues. No one on either side had any idea what the purpose was, although conjecture was rampant.

Abram was fascinated by what little he knew of such things. Somehow he felt a direct connection to them — a primitive sensing of his oneness to The One Self. He had more of that sensing than any previous human on Earth.


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Image source: Tower of Babel Ziggurat

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