Being Born Into the First Modern Humans

The Great Being, Part 6

Volume 4, Issue 33

This continues our occasional serial of the story of The Great Being (TGB), the Self inside all of us. See the earlier installments of The Great Being.

There was a very loud and sorrowful wailing sound. Melchizedek realized it was coming from him. Despite the colorful tumbling brightness as he felt himself being moved around it was hard to make out what he was seeing.

prehistoric family

He suddenly remembered with a start who he really was. He had been dreaming, his selfness immersed in the embryo’s own sense of self. Forgetting his true identity, he had been completely identified with the male twin being born, with its body and rudimentary mind. Like a Lost Lamb! How could this have happened to him, even for an instant? It had apparently been going on longer than that, based on the messy memory-snatches that now rose up in him.

Nothing like that had happened to him for thousands of incarnations, he was a pro. This shook his confidence a little.

He observed that the consciousness of the baby’s body was excitedly communicating dream-flashes and memory-flashes to itself, images and feelings of beauty and love, as if thinking “oboy love is around here somewhere”. There, close up now — wow, it’s the baby’s mother — my mother — it must be! The baby is certain of it, and feels full of love, trust, comfort, safety feelings, allowing itself to drowse off now that it’s been placed on mommy’s belly. Melchizedek stayed lucid as he watched the baby’s dreams, a collage of bright colors repeating in different ways as if the color show were a musical score using a small number of notes. Each picture brought with it a feeling, ranging from curiosity, awe, fear, across to courage, strength, love, safety, back to curiosity, as if a song about everything the baby just saw for its first minutes out of the womb.

It was only after waking up again that Melchizedek had again been drawn unnoticing into the selfness of the baby. This was worrisome. Why was it happening?


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