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Volume 5, Issue 4

This continues the story of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us. We are following TGB’s roles as the Team of Melchizedek and Layla, two Agents of Cosmic Intelligence, as they continue their assignment to begin the current human race on Earth circa 200,000 BC. Previous installments.

A beach on the coast of Spain

As you’ll recall, Layla and Melchizedek have “landed” on a beach on the Atlantic coast of what we now know as Spain.

A squad of tough-looking men with spears and other weaponry emerged from the trees ridging the beach and spotted them, also quickly taking in the corpses spread all around, and in unison began to run toward them.

Follow my lead, Melchizedek advised, standing up calmly and hailing the approaching party. Layla arose beside him, wearing her man’s blonde body, asking with a tremor in her mental voice, Are they the ones who drove our side into the ocean, or members of our own side come to look for survivors?

The latter, I think. A moment later this appeared to be confirmed as the warriors slowed and hailed the two. Their leader came up to them with his henchmen close behind, weapons suspiciously at the ready, although this was strange given that they were on the same side — or were they?

The leader barked something at Melchizedek that had the intonation of a question. Melchizedek and Layla suddenly realized that they couldn’t understand the language, which would put these people on their guard. Melchizedek cautiously read the mind of the leader, hoping that he wouldn’t be aware of the probe, and got it that he was being asked to report what happened. It would take too long to piece together words in the group’s language from the leader’s mind, so he used sign language to depict a battle, with his men being driven into the sea, and all but the two of them drowning. The man’s eyes widened at the lack of vocalization. Melchizedek pointed at his head, suggesting that the near-drowning might have damaged something in there and Layla quickly pointed at her own head, nodding rapidly, picking up on the improv cover story.

The leader turned and shouted orders at his men who surrounded Melchizedek and Layla and made it clear they were to be taken somewhere, presumably back to camp. They set forth encircled by the soldiers.

He didn’t seem to notice me looking around in his mind, Melchizedek pathed to Layla. Let’s use this time to see if we can pick up some useful vocabulary. They both set to mind-reading, focusing on learning the language as fast as possible, sharing their learnings as they went.

He addressed you as Blu, Layla pointed out. Yes, Melchizedek agreed, my name is Blu. What’s yours?

Layla looked at the closest man guarding her and the man looked back impassively. Ska, she pathed. He thinks of me as Ska, and for some reason has apparently never liked me.

The closest man guarding Melchizedek was slightly behind him and now for some reason made body contact, pushing Melchizedek. Without hesitation Melchizedek swung around and with the back of one of his big hands clouted the fellow backward a few steps. The man shook his spear at Melchizedek while also shaking his head to clear it but didn’t come any closer. The leader yelled a single sound and the group began walking again. The guard did not touch Melchizedek again.

If you let them push you around even once, it starts a chain reaction from which there is no return, he advised Layla, who had no previous experience with the other team.

How are we going to ever teach these people compassion? she asked.

Leave it to our Self to make the game interesting, Melchizedek pathed back cheerfully, although she thought his face looked grim.


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