Abram Meets Melchizedek

Volume 6, Issue 25

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This post brings us to the end of the novel THE GREAT BEING, the first in the series AGENTS OF COSMIC INTELLIGENCE. I’m writing the script version of The Great Being right now and it’s fun. Would love any feedback about what you’ve been reading in the 96 episodes of The Great Being, since the first episode (September 11, 2014) or wherever you tuned in. Thanks!

The characters in The Great Being reappear in the second novel in the series, THE FIRST SON, which is in editing now. Both books will launch this year initially as e-books, along with a third novel in the series, TRIPLE AGENT, which brings those same characters forward into the mid-21st Century.

The Great Being story arcs from 14 billion BC through around 3000 BC. The First Son takes us from 3000 BC to around 30 AD. There are stories in concept stage, filling in the rest of history from the perspective of Earth as a very special experiment in a universe with One Self playing all roles. If you’d like to be alerted when these books come out, please just click here.

An archive of all chapters of The Great Being will be available here for some time. Classic Bill blog posts will continue on a weekly basis.

Thanks for reading, reflecting, and making good use of whatever you get here.

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Part 96, the final chapter of  The Great Being, Read previous episodes.

Abram set out for the desert and his family came along. They trusted him to know which way to go but were very happy when they got to Haran, and they did not want to move again for a while. The One Self told Abram to go on alone, which he did, with Sarai and Lot, whom he thought would never leave him.

But Lot eventually did leave. It was after Abram became embroiled in Egyptian ambitions and captained mercenary armies in their service on many military adventures, all successful, which made Abram richer. This was not for Lot. Sensing that Abram was going to have a lot more military adventures, whereas Lot wanted a peaceful life in a business or farm, Lot went to live in Sodom. Abram went on as The One Self guided him, this time to a place called Salem, where he and Sarai were welcomed as if expected by King Melchizedek.

Abram Meets Melchizedek

They were treated royally and then the King took Abram off alone, up a long hill, almost to the top of the olive tree covered mountain, far from any human habitation — a wild country left to nature, from where they could look back the long way down to the city of Salem.

For Melchizedek, this was a moment he had been looking forward to for a very long time. Melchizedek had incarnated about 20 years earlier than Abram and established himself throughout the Mediterranean and surrounding lands as a priest philosopher, proclaiming that there is only One God and that He Is All-Inclusive, and that we are all part of Him. He had an uncanny knack at making friends and not making enemies, a trait most uncommon to the times. He had been asked to be King of many cities and had for some reason chosen Salem rather than Babylon, Ur, or the other cities whose people had reached out to him. Melchizedek was the most trusted man in the world by 1733 BC when Abram and Sarai arrived. With them, invisibly, were Maitreya, Layla, Templegard and Nastassia. A potent honor guard, they had never left Abram’s side.

Now Melchizedek and Abram stood and looked out at the vast panoramas seen from their position high up the mountain.

“There is so much to see in every direction from right here,” Abram observed.

“This is where your people will erect a great temple of worship for all people,” Melchizedek said. Abram stared at him and felt icy fingers up his spine.

Semi-transparent walls dissolved into existence around them, with beautiful colors, favoring variations of yellow orange gold and light blue. The structure, seen in a transparent view, was enormous, including fortresses and temples and courts and a built-in city within walls far away down the hill beyond where even Salem extended. Abram had never seen an apparition before and was stunned by the life changing experience. Never again could he trust his senses. His assumption of materialism was broken. He was speechless.

“This is the way it will look at one point in time. It will keep changing with the times. It will always be a place of worship for all peoples. Not just for your descendants, but for everyone,” Melchizedek went on.

“Your people will build this temple,” he repeated. “You, yourself, and your sons will repair another temple, far from here, which will become the holiest place on Earth to over a thousand-thousand-thousand people.”


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Image source: Abram Meets Melchizedek

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