Do what you’re moved to do.

Originally posted April 28, 2015latest Great Being post

One of the challenges of our current reality is the pervasive condition we call Acceleritis™ wherein we feel we never have enough time to do all the things we feel we ought to do.

Don't overthink it.

Do you feel like you are always behind and have too much to do? Do you speed up your actions to the point of increasing errors that require fixing (which then slows you down and makes you feel even more behind with no apparent hope of ever catching up)?

You are not alone! We have a natural drive for closure, and the seeming impossibility of ever reaching closure on everything the mind desires closure on makes us uneasy at most times — but we have gotten used to that feeling.

During your work day or at play, are you often not sure what to do next? Try to not overthink it…

Do what most inspires you at that moment. Why? Because the chances are higher that you’ll be doing it in the Flow state, which never occurs when you are doing something because you should do it. I call that “doing it to get it out of the way”. Flow state only occurs when you are enjoying what you are doing, and doing it solely or mainly for its enjoyment.

If you’re in the grip of Acceleritis and therefore not in the Observer state, you may not know what inspires you more, X or Y or Z. The solution here is to just let your body go and watch what it does. The body often makes decisions before the mind is consciously aware of making the decision.

Don’t be driven by email/text/social media.

It has become all too easy to become driven by incoming email, texts, Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts — meaning you don’t decide what to do next, you react to the ubiquitous digital input stream. This goes on all day and you become a willing slave to others’ priorities rather than your own. Instead, practice setting aside a time each day to deal with and catch up with emails and texts and whatever else is queuing up. This puts you in charge of what you do for the better part of your day.

Create a practice to step away from the to-do list.

What works best for me is meditation — where the mind observes itself, watching thoughts as they come and go. I find this is the most effective way to allow assimilation and closure of the most salient “anti-closures” bugging my mind subconsciously at any given point in time.

Like trying to remember a name, meditation does not work by “trying to do it”, it works by letting go of everything going on inside, and continuing to let go of thoughts/feelings/ images/hunches as they arise, watching them float away (or whatever imagery works best for you). From this effortless place comes clarity that often moves you closer to closure.

Next time you are overwhelmed, step back, and do what you are moved to do!

Best to all,


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Waking Up Rebel Forces

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 13

Part 84 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

The pigeon flew into the home of General Ares, the planetary Shaitin, and directly up to the General, who was sitting by the fire contemplating his next political moves. Ares understood immediately that to be able to appear as such, the bird was a Rebel of at least the status of Prince, so Ares stood deferentially. The pigeon spit out a folded piece of paper-like bark on the floor. Ares knelt and carefully opened it, flattened it with his palm, and took it closer to the fire to sit and look at it, glancing occasionally at the tight-lipped bird.

It was a picture, a map. X was surely Ares’ current position, amidst an archipelago of islands. To the left side of the map there were rough lines of continents and two prominent objects. That one had to be the Pillars of Heracles, but the one farther out in the ocean, what was that?

The Pillars of Hercules

The pigeon stood up and morphed into a giant man, about ten feet tall, bowing over slightly to avoid the high ceiling. He was handsome, dignified, and appeared very sad. He was impeccably dressed down to his ebon hooves, which as always were highly polished, perfectly gleaming without a speck of dust or hangnail. General Ares stood at high attention before his supreme commander, who now preferred to be called Perse. Continue reading

Being a Friend

Originally posted April 21, 2015latest Great Being post

When someone frustrates you or otherwise pulls you out of your good mood, what do you do? Play the blame game?

Next time, consider first how you played along with the event and therefore that both of you contributed to the bad mood. This perspective will get you more quickly to the levers you can pull to work on that relationship effectively.

open up possibility - Bil Harvey

Open Mind, Open Heart

Resist the temptation to demonize the other person. Realize they got to where they are through a series of events that were perhaps unfortunate and be glad the events in your life left you with more visibility, perspective and perhaps less closed-mindedness. Be open to all possibilities including that your behavior was the instigator for the events that frustrated you.

Resist also the temptation to teach other people — that is not what they want. If they want your advice, they’ll ask for it. What they want the most from you is simply and truly to be their friend. So what does that mean?

  • Warm, good feelings (love) — from the heart;
  • Be honest — in a way that helps not hurts;
  • Let them know you want them to succeed — even if they succeed ahead of you;
  • Share fairly with them;
  • Encourage them;
  • Help them see the brighter side if they’re stuck in the downside. People want to be in a good mood — bring yours and they will join you — that is leadership.
  • Brainstorm with them to creatively explore options that might lead to more success than their current route.

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Spy Counterspy

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 12

Part 83 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Dozens of emissaries had been given the key message, trained in writing and code, given tools with which to subdue their overpowering brains, and other necessary tradecraft, and then sent into the world, and yet the Rebels still had no idea what was going on.



On a day like this I could destroy them all, Perse said of his followers. He was such a long league above them that they were as much of a hindrance as a help, he often felt, and this was one of those times. But he would never diminish his forces out of sheer disappointment, since they had a good way of keeping his adversary busy.

Perse was in his ship, the same planet-buster that had destroyed the fifth planet Ceres in the Sol system so many years ago, creating the asteroid belt. He accounted to no one for his movements and although his followers believed him to be outside of the Sol system, he was close by Earth, invisible to Agents and Rebels and even to Atlantis.

The Island with the big pointy mountain

The Island with the big pointy mountain

Undetected, Perse dove from his ship down to Earth’s surface, where he took on the appearance of a pigeon and flew toward a nearby island with a large pointy mountain. Flying onto the first beach he could reach, he mixed easily with the gulls, who ignored him. Walking toward the water he spied Sniike, who he knew had come to drown himself. He called Sniike.

Sniike turned suddenly and for some reason noticed a pigeon staring at him from a few feet away. He almost spoke to the bird but then realized how ridiculous it would be and started toward the water again. Perse flew past his face much closer than would a real bird. Sniike stopped ankle deep in the sea and watched the bird circle back and land on the water, bobbing there and staring at him. Sniike watched and waited.

Giving up? he heard in his head.

Yes I guess I am, he said mentally to the pigeon but mostly to himself. Unless my messages have gotten out and you are here to reinforce me, Sniike thought with irony.

I can fly your message out, the pigeon said in his mind.


Best to all,


Image credits:
Perse by Charles Barnett III;
Island with the big pointy mountain (detail) — Records of the Soul

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Are you getting enough pleasure out of your life?

Originally posted April 14, 2015latest Great Being post

If you’re not, you’ve got to fix that. No one else is going to do it for you.

ability to re-create ourselves

All that exists is now, this moment, so you can’t be putting off fun to some hoped-for future. If you’re not getting it right now, this very day, you’re not playing to win at the game of life; you’re trapping yourself in illusion and accepting second best.

What’s stopping you from seizing the day and living your dreams, right this very moment? Very likely it’s the deep dark repressed (or expressed) belief that you don’t have the power to change your life into the ideal vision you had for it. Especially now, when so much time has passed, and you’ve got negative momentum leading away from the goal.

If everybody sees you one way, how could it ever be even imaginable that the consensus reality could ever change that dramatically? It’s a deep and true intuition we feel in our gut that when so many minds are tuned to one way, getting all those minds to change very much is literally unthinkable. Yet it is truly miraculous how much those minds can change once you’ve changed your own. Continue reading

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Debating PlayAllDay and ThinkAllNight

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 11

Part 82 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Sniike was in the pool with the kids. He imagined that Adam and Eve were making out in the house.

Dirty old man, ThinkAllNight pathed to PlayAllDay, and they both giggled intensely in Sniike’s delighted face.

“Daddy says you believe there were many Gods in the Beginning,” ThinkAllNight said to Sniike, with no particular emotion, just curiosity.

“That’s the way I was brought up,” Sniike explained, “I’m sure that my parents would have told me what they believed was the truth, about such an important subject.”

“But you — you’re not sure which way it all is?” PlayAllDay guessed.

“I don’t really know any more,” Sniike realized, “it could easily be one way as the other. I don’t remember what they taught me in any kind of detail. I know I used to, and then I lost it. My mind once had a sharp clarity but it’s been a long time since I felt that way.”

One God

One God …

Many gods

or many gods

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