A Practice for Starting Your Day

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Set Your Intentions

Have you noticed it’s often difficult to overcome a bad start to the day, and that as the day begins so shall it most likely go? This makes the first moments of waking up in the morning a perfect time to remember and practice slipping into the Observer state.

Observer state is a mindset in which we are less caught up in the process of our emotions, and are able to simultaneously observe and analyze them somewhat impassively. Wearing the Observer lens makes us more effective and creative at changing the conditions that cause negative emotions. It also makes us more able to flick into the Zone, where our performance and creativity are sparked and further upshifted.

So how do we get into the Observer state? Here’s what works for me. I begin by remaining in that transition state from sleep to wakefulness, avoiding the use of language orally or mentally, and filtering out any distractions. I stay focused on the feeling of whatever dreams I’ve had, and recapture whatever images I can from those dreams. Try this yourself upon waking. Then stay with the feelings and images a moment or so longer until you can get a hunch as to the possible meaning of those dreams — what is the message from your subconscious?

It helps if you can then move your thoughts on to the day ahead while still in bed, still sleeping as far as anyone can tell, in that transitional state. Get a fix on the possible significance of your day, what you can potentially accomplish. Visualize an upside outcome that will make you happy when you go to sleep next. This is your strong intention, your Will. Picture it. Feel it.

Then imagine what could go wrong and come up with ideas as to how to deal with those challenges. This can be just brief flashes of an idea to be worked out in detail later. Making notes while they are fresh in your mind is often a huge advantage so I encourage jotting down (or keying in) a few thoughts as soon as you feel you have to actually open your eyes and get out of bed.

What keeps us out of the two higher states of consciousness, Observer and Flow, is usually the ego. This ego process is often driven by fear of failure in one form or another, and comes from excessive attachment, and perceiving past events as failures instead of embracing them as wonderful learning experiences. Practicing wearing the Observer lens helps us improve our ability to float upward out of this debris, gain perspective on it, and flow into the Zone.

Best to all.


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The Least Bad Option

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 17

Part 88 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Perse fired at Earth and created a huge slice visible from space

Perse fired at Earth and created a huge slice visible from space, known as the Grand Canyon today.

Atlantis reported: “Perse is in the attacking force, in his planetbuster—” just before they felt the shock of a ray of enormous power bring Atlantis to a near-stop while pummeling it over and over. Everyone grabbed something as the huge ship was shaken like a maraca.

“It’s holding,” Maitreya pointed out, meaning the shield was not letting them be destroyed.

“Yes,” Atlantis grunted, “the shields can withstand even Perse’s planetbuster. But it does make it hard to move out of this system very rapidly.” Atlantis continued at sublight speed — a petty pace — while the swarm of Rebel ships closed around it and added their own firepower. Still Atlantis held together and swam slowly toward the periphery of the solar system and up out of the plane of the ecliptic.

“Look!” Templegard shouted and pointed at a viewscreen. Perse had taken his fire off of Atlantis and was turning his aim to Earth.

They looked at each other. It was obvious what they had to do. Atlantis dropped shields and was instantly vaporized.

Perse stopped firing at Earth, having in the first second or two created a huge slice visible from space, which today is known as the Grand Canyon. A few more seconds would have split the Earth like an apple, which Perse had not wanted — he wanted Earth and had invested a lot of time and trouble in getting it. Now that it was his, more or less, he wanted to preserve it. But he had not been bluffing — he would have sacrificed Earth had Atlantis not sacrificed itself to save Earth. He knew his game would go on forever, sadly, bitterly, so he had all the time in the world.

Down on the ground, Athenius with the help of other men still able-bodied had saved Ares and whomever else they could from the sea, and then from the horror of the land of death and mud. Now they were trekking back to Hellas, a small band. Ares was in a coma and being carried and attended to, as were several others. It was a difficult journey but Athenius was everywhere, supporting people, giving orders, doing a lot of the hardest work himself, showing the good example. Some died but he got most of his men out. Continue reading

What does your ideal life look like?

Originally posted May 19, 2015latest Great Being post

If you could do whatever you wanted to do, what would you do?

Let your imagination run free.

Take a moment and jot down a few quick notes as you ponder this question.

Then take a look at what you wrote down. This is supposedly what you really want out of life.

Is it? Is what you wrote or thought really what would make you the happiest?

If the answer is anything but a resounding YES!, then perhaps you have not been fully honest with yourself in the past, and perhaps your biggest current plans in life are still, deep down, something that you are settling for, because you believe you cannot have what you really want.

What would your ideal life actually look like?

Imagine the ideal - Bill Harvey

Drop all constraints in your thinking — right now the question is not what might be realistic but rather what is your ideal scenario without constraints or restrictions.

We face choices every moment and when we make our choices it is always in the context of our options. But usually we don’t actually consider all of our options. So we make some choices that might be okay, not realizing we just threw away a choice that could have been superb. A choice we didn’t even know we had. Continue reading

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Earthquakes and Floods

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 16

Part 87 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

destruction of Atlantis “The island Atlantis itself was quickly razed to a submerged mound of rubble.”

Thousands of Rebel warships coordinated their bombardment of Atlantis on a single point, the capstone, hoping by doing so to break through the immensely powerful shields of energy protecting the vessel and its city-state within. Continue reading

How can you seize the day?

Originally posted May 12, 2015latest Great Being post

Not just the “set the world on fire” days are important — you can seize the day every day.

make every day count

Sometimes what will make you feel good and would serve as the day’s best strategic move actually begins with an insight. Imagine the type of insight that sparks a throbbing impulse to creatively optimize it in ways that will continually bubble up in your mind.

We have the power to make every day count and to feel like it’s one of those days by prioritizing our mental state over the to-do list. Continue reading

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The War in Space

Current Classic Bill postVolume 6, Issue 15

Part 86 of the ongoing saga of The Great Being, the One Self that manifests as each of us.

Atlantis had a klaxon horn that sounded like temple bells, which woke the entire population of Angels, Cherubs, Agents and visiting humans, including some Rebel spies, in the middle of night off the coast of Southern Europe and Africa. All but the humans listened in to Atlantis’s broadcast warning: “A very large fleet of Rebel warships is heading this way from across the galaxy and beyond. Please move indoors away from the surface of the ship.” Their hosts guided the visiting humans into the interior parts of Atlantis while the outer surface returned to its original diamond appearance.

An enormous army was assembled on the beaches of what are today Gibraltar and Morocco, and hordes of boats had already been launched, bringing assault troops across to attack Atlantis. In the boat leading the sea fleet, standing at the bow and taking the full blast of the sea drizzle, stood Ares in a heroic posture, fully aware that he was posing and feeling a little foolish about it. Continue reading