One edition of MIND MAGIC is called FREEING CREATIVE EFFECTIVENESS. Other than the cover and a few words in the Preface, they are the same book. The FCE edition was designed for the corporate and organizational worlds.

How It Works

A simplified explanation
A chief characteristic of the Flow State is focus. Attention is singlepointed. Distractions aren't distracting.

Simply reading this book automatically instills new ways of thinking which tend toward this state automatically.

The mind can work in many ways. Common ways of using the mind tend to be self-defeating. Time is wasted.

Freeing Creative Effectiveness book

The processing power of the mind, like a great computer (which it is), is being frittered away on processes which do not get one to where one wishes to go. Some typical examples are:

  • Worrying: The way the mind works when it assumes at rock bottom that the situation cannot be solved. This assumption programs the mind to fail. Especially dangerous when picturing the very outcomes one does not want to occur and doing so for extended periods of time – thus programming the mind to create failure situations.

  • Fear, Anger: The mind senses a problem – an alarm has gone off – and instead of figuring out the best action to take to rectify the situation, the mind’s energy is being expended in protracted periods of negative emotion – like leaving on an alarm clock and then listening to it as background music for long periods of time.

  • Daydreaming about escapist fantasies: The same daydreaming could be turned into predreaming about the desired immediate and longterm future.

  • Endless loops of self-defeating thoughts

  • Talking to oneself without ever saying anything new

  • Hurrying (a covert form of fear)

Lurking behind all of these wasteful biocomputer processes is a causal driver known as Attachment. Attachment causes some of the most counterproductive behaviors listed above (worrying, fear, anger). Attachment is a complex subject that is widely misunderstood. Some believe that Nonattachment means the absence or suppression of all desires. What is actually sought as the desired end state is that one’s desires have become thoroughly integrated within one’s longterm intentions and plans, having been thoroughly weighed and understood, eliminating wants that have been programmed by others without one’s fully conscious buy-in. In the desired end state, muddled conditioned absolute addiction demands are converted to fully conscious intentions. When one’s intentions are thwarted, the reaction is not some form of hand-wringing tantrum, but instead an intelligent solution approach.

Many people for thousands of years have discovered the same principles, and attempted to help others by communicating these principles in the best language available in that era. Today we have the use of computers to help us frame ways of saying things that are much more illuminating as regards the mind, since it too is a computer. This leverage is used in our book, Freeing Creative Effectiveness: Doorways into the Upper Mind. The use of words in the book speaks directly to parts of the mind that are below the surface level of consciousness, and can therefore – with the informed consent of the user – reprogram the deeper layers of the mind sometimes called the unconscious, subconscious, or preconscious. The images used by these layers of the mind are used in the language of the book to speak to these deeper layers.

Before there is a thought in the conscious surface mind, there is an arising in the preconscious mind which leads to that thought. This is what makes the endless loop of worrying and the other suboptimal processes mentioned above so endless. The source or root of the bad mental habits is a moment before the useless or counterproductive thought. It is already too late when one has re-started into the anger, fear, daydreaming, etc. Freeing Creative Effectiveness redirects the preconscious mind so that when a thought arises it is already on a solution track or is an expression of a positive emotion, acknowledging with gratitude what is good about the present moment of experience. “Noticing” is part of this preconscious layer so that after reading the book one tends to notice the potency for good in the present moment and to see ways to leverage what is already happening in reality around oneself that can be steered even further into a positive direction.

To recap this simplified explanation, Freeing Creative Effectiveness works by redirecting the mind to utilize more productive processes toward goals which the whole person has refined through intensive self-examination. Mental habits are upgraded to an optimal biocomputer process, singlepointedly focused on these fully integrated goals. Therefore in each moment the tendency is to remain focused on these goals, without surrendering to distraction, because the mind is now all of one voice. This end state is the Flow State and is characterized by positive emotion, a sense of play, and maximum effectiveness. In the passage of time a fourth element develops: a sense of connectedness to the Universe, within which one is playing, with no sense of separation. The latter spiritual dimension of Flow State in no way contradicts or interferes with whatever religious model for which one has an affection. Instead the Flow State makes it obvious beyond words that all religious conceptions are in fact part of the reality of Flow State, the intended original state of all consciousness in which one is closest to God.

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Bill Harvey
Bill Harvey

"This book...seems to work like magic AS you read it. IT works. YOU don't. Rather than tell you how to transform your life, it gently does it TO you AS you read."
– John Z. New York, NY

"I have used it over and over, and
each time it enables me to see things more clearly, and I always seem to
feel more positive for it."
- Gregory G. Cambridge, MA

“I’m moved to write the only
testimonial of my career. It’s like experiencing a mirror image of my
own brain, the very program my inner computer would write if it could...
I’ve had a large burst of energy since working with your ideas...”
- Carrol D. Nederland, CO

"If everyone were to read just this
one book, the improvement in
social and personal consciousness would be astounding. It's a
marvelous inspiration."
- Lynn S. Indianapolis, IN

"I have read many books in my life,
and always found something lacking
in most of them. This has nothing lacking except it was too short.
I want more."
- Charles H. Mesa, AZ

"Bill Harvey is a methodologist.
He invents methods in the media industry, like the ADI, passive peoplemeters, addressable commercials, set top box measure-
ment linked to purchase data (TRA), media optimizers, etc. Now he has invented a mental method. It's based on a model of the mind from which Bill deduced certain ways of optimizing thinking. I tried it and am using it. It's pretty good!"
- Bob DeSena,
measurable marketing expert

"Thoughts of Socrates, Horace, Freud, Eric Berne, Fritz Perls, Marshall McLuhan, Gregory Bateson.flashed through my mind as I passaged
through this provocative work by Bill Harvey..Poetic, metaphorical, and lyrical, a gem which can be
profitably read by anyone who is still curious about self, others and
the human condition."
- Dr. B. New York, NY

"By far one of the best books I have ever come across. I highly recommend it to all of my friends. I should think no library would be complete
without it."
- Cleveland M. Burgaw, NC

"One of the most exotic brain foods
I've sampled in quite some time; gets down to the skeleton of the human being-- lovely prose; well thought
out— an admirable work where both brain hemispheres cooperated fully!"
- Alexis R. Mt. Lakes, NJ

“You’re on the right path out
of the maze of today’s
paralyzed world.”
- Fred K. Beloit, KS

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